Dry Twist Set

Hey family, I had great results with a recent dry twist set that I did and just had to share with the SC readers.  So as many of you know, the Dry Twist is a style that I used for a transitioning style when embarking on my natural hair journey. Well, this is also a great protective style for any and all naturals who want to try it.  Below is what I did:


+ Shampooed the hair with KBB’s Conditioning Shampoo (you all know I swear by her stuff right)
+ Applied weekly DT w/ KBB’s deep conditioner, put a plastic cap on and went about my daily chores
+ Waited 30 minutes, rinsed and then applied Kinky Kurly Knot Today leave-in/detangler.
(Please note – in my experience Kinky Kurly products don’t always “play nicely” with other brands, so please use with caution if only using the detangler/leave in)
+ As I detangled and separated (w/a wide tooth comb) I twisted the hair into knots and separated into from the rest of the hair.
+ Next I blow dried each section thoroughly until dried (this may be an issue for those who don’t want to put ANY heat on the hair….your choice though) using the wide tooth adapter. At this point the hair is in a fro.

Twisting and Style:

+ I apply small amounts of Jamaica Mango & Lime Crème Wax to each section and twist down to the end.
+ I seal my twist with my homemade concoction of shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil
+ Apply small to medium perm rods to the twist (I usually set no more than 3-4 twist per roller).
Below are some pics of the results:

Please pay no attention to the "rogue" braid at the front...my hair be playing games sometimes. Lol look really strug on this one...but I was tired yall

Look how fully and perfectly placed they look...that was an accident by the way.


For bedtime, I put on my satin cap and off to bed I went.  This style can last you from 2-4 weeks, and to keep the look fresh (and the scalp clean of build up), I used SeaBreeze astringent on the scalp one a week. This product helps to prevent product build up AND keeps the scalp smelling clean and refreshed!  As the curls start to fall, I reset them as needed for the night in the perm rods.  For moister and shine, again I use my concoction as needed…but I usually don’t have to put much!

My $.08 on Jamaica Mango & Lime products: Some people are not a fan of this line for some of the products have beeswax in it.  While I am one who tries to stay clear of this ingredient  (can cause build up AND weighs the hair down), if I only apply a small amount necessary for twisting, the wax helps to hold my twist, give it shine (not a greasy look or feel) and helps to keep it soft and manageable.  Again, my experience with my type 4A/B hair.

The orAKAle has spoken……..


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