Dry Twist Out

Hey all,
Quick post today on the results of my dry twist…out set. Lol.  As you remember in my post last week on achieving the Dry Twist style, I mentioned how you can make this style last as long 3 weeks with appropriate upkeep. WELL, the below pictures are results of when I take the twist down.  Now I have a whole new style to rock for at least a week.  For specifics on regimen, take a look at the link of the post above on how I maintained the cleanliness and freshness of the twist, to unravel and where in a fro!
As for maintenance of the fro, I used my homemade concoction of shea butter, coconut and olive oil as needed for moisture. Tell me what you think family…..the orAKAle has spoken
Disclaimer – I still have not purchased a new digital camera, so I have to settle for my lovely (but challenging at times) BlackBerry camera phone.
This is how my hair looks after unraveling the twist and fluffing.  As you can see, my coil pattern AND the twist pattern is colliding. Lol.  Seeing my hair from this view lets me know what I did wrong OR where to make changes in the future. Lots of practice went into achieving this style, so make sure you be patient if you are trying for the first time with your hair.
And over here we have the front view of the style. Now on this day, I just finger combed it to the back BUT you can also switch it up a little. A couple of days I took some bobby pins and pined a section over to the left of my head, and had an “understood” part in the front of my head. Lol.

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