Whats in YOUR Food?

IT’S THE WEEKENNNNNNNNNNND BABY!!!!  Whose excited….clearly I am…lol

Random post today – so one day this week, I was a slightly late arriving to the office (horrible I know); which caused me to rush out my house forgetting to eat OR GRAB breakfast.  No biggie…I am fortunate that I can walk across campus to a cafeteria to find me something HEALTHY and inexpensive to eat.  I’m sure they have a variety of items from me to choose from.

Walking in I already knew that I wanted something that was documentable in my daily food journey…..you know, like a protein/meal bar, maybe another piece of fruit (I already had a delicious Fiji apply in my office)….granola bar, etc.  In the process of contemplating on what to eat,  I came across one of my old favorites…..Pop Tarts.   So I bit a little…. I grabbed this delightful treat and turned over the package to read the nutrition label (to see what I would be committing to if I indeed bought and ate it).  GOODNESS GRACIOUS family….do you know how many calories are in those two skinny pieces of Pop Tart?  Waaaaaaaay to many for my taste!  After freaking out in front of the entire cafeteria and the cashier, I politely put the package back down, and quickly picked up “ol yeller” the Nutri-Grain Bar and proceeded to checkout!

My reasoning for sharing this with you…..a reminder that we MUST READ the labels on the back of all foods packages BEFORE consuming them.  How can you truly track your caloric intake and uphold your positive nutritional habits (and not over indulge) if you have no idea what is in your food?  Ya can’t go eating all “willy nilly” and not at least think about the amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, sugars, etc that you will internalize with the (less filling) amounts of food you will consume.

I know this is random, but I had to share this with you family.  Honestly, I thought about you all as I was paying for the food. Lol.  I just knew you all would be proud of me for having self control and thinking through my decision, versus acting impulsively (as we all do at times). For me, it’s something as minuet as “splurging” on a sugar field treat (and justified because my day was starting off crappy anyway) like Pop Tarts that throws me off track, and back into unhealthy eating habits.  Has this happen to you all?  What did you do to prevent the “temptation”?

The orAKAle has spoken…..


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