needs you!

Hey SC Family, needs you!  Please take a few minutes and complete the survey below from the folks at CURLS.  Please answer the below questions in the comments section OR email to and your all set.

All participants who complete the online survey will also receive 15% discount on their next order. Just type in the word “sociallygreen” at check out and your set!  Thanks for your help family and happy shopping.

The orAKAle has spoken…..


1)      How many partially used bottles* do you currently have underneath your vanity or sink area?

20+_______  10-20_______  6-10_______  1-5_______

2)     How many different brands are represented from the number that you listed in Question #1?

*For the purpose of this survey, the word bottles is used to describe any hair care product container.  This includes but is not limited to bottles, jars, tubs, tubes, bags and/or any other containers.


1 Response so far »

  1. 1

    antionetta said,

    1) 1-5
    2) 3 different brands: carol’s daughter (formula changed with chemicals), ojon, and tresseme

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