Are YOU Aware…..

Hey SC Family!
Thanks to all those who took the survey from this week.  I do apologize for the late post, but I wanted to make sure that the SC readers had the opportunity to participate in this great campaign!

Today, is launching the first stage of their “Sustainable Curls Campaign”, and they’ve asked yours truly, the orAKAle, to  get involved!  Click on the image over here, and read all about the great environmental conscience efforts they are making.  Those who participate may be entered to win…..FREE HAIR PRODUCTS….and we know that we ALL love those. Lol.

As you all know, here at the Silky Chronicles, my goal is to bring forth information that will help you live life to the fullest; and knowing what is in your hair care products is one of those.  Do you know if the company you support (for hair, body, etc) uses eco-friendly ingredients……?  It is very important that we become 24 hr students…meaning always taking the initiative to learn about what we are putting ON and IN our bodies.  You never know how certain chemicals/ingredients can effect you and/or the ones you love now OR in the future.

Take the time to read, reflect and research if need be…..besides…its just your life (and ones of those you hold dear to your heart) we’re talking about right…

the orAKAle has spoken……..

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