For the Love of Shea Butter!!!

Today I wanted to weigh in on the ever so popular (and somewhat main streamed) Shea butter.  For those who chat with me on and off the blog, shea butter is my staple product for my hair and body (and has been since transitioning to a more natural life).   For those who may be new to this ingredient/product, let’s start with a basic description of what it is and then work our way up to how you can use.


Shea butter is a light gray or beige colored seed oil that is extracted from the seed found inside the nuts of Shea tree. It is also referred to as the Karite tree. This unique tree can be found in 19 countries found only in the continent of Africa.

These trees only grow in the wild and can take up to 50 years to mature..but can live up to 300 years (crazy right)! Destruction of the shea tree tree is said to be prohibited because this little nut can provide a valuable source of food, medicine, and income for the population. Shea butter is sometimes referred to as “women’s gold” in Africa, because so many women are employed in the production of Shea butter.


Neat thing about this supplement is that it can be used for just about EVERYTHING. Shea butter can be used as to help heal burns, scares and also reduce wrinkles. How… it moisturizes the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. One of its common use is for the hair and skin care. Since shea has proven to be an effective moisturizer (due to the fatty acids that are needed to retain skin moister and elasticity), commercially, it been added to many cosmetic products (shampoo, lotion, oils, facial treatments, etc) we use today!

It can and will protect the hair and skin (if used properly). As for the hair, Shea butter can serve as a natural moisturizer for the hair follicles, but also can be used to repair damaged hair. Since it is natural, you don’t necessarily have to add a bunch of “other” ingredients to this supplement to get the desired out come. Some people prefer to use it solely by itself, while others use it as an ingredient to a SUPER mixture for their hair and body regimen. I say why not do both! You can repair and naturally moisturize yourself from head to toe!


Well I am glad that you asked!! Currently, I am using unrefined Shea butter in my scalp oil, daily body butter mix which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, and in my weekly leave in conditioner.  Since I have type 4 A/B (and sometimes I see some C…but I digress) hair, this supplement is perfect for the perfect moister point I seek, plus my coils are defined and LOVE IT. Not only am I protecting my silky coils, but also keeping it properly moisturized AND stimulating hair growth (repair if needed). I am overly conscious about my hair/skin and its moister…..I’m always looking to see if its to dry, overly oily, etc. Well with adding Shea butter to my daily hair and body regimen and making sure its a staple in my alternative shampoo’s and conditioners, I know that I am treating my coils good (and in return..they will do the same).

My goal is to update you all on my hair growth and regimen regularly…now what does “regularly” means, who knows; but know that I am trying to do better all!  If you use this product and have had some great results, weigh in on the subject….

Until next time, the orAKAle has spoken………………

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    nymphsnecessitys said,

    Thanks for the information…I’m working on a shea body butter for my etsy shop…also have info posted on my blog page.

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    Luxury said,

    This might be wrong but I immediately thought of what my grandmother and father looked like a my grandpa’s funeral when the 7 gun salute was going off. The picture in my mind perfectly portrays the EMOTION of sound (not necessarily the beauty though). Something about the guns going off was just utterly FINAL

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