Product Review: Denman Brush (D3)

...I love you yes I do

I finally did it family….I broke down and bought the infamous Denman Brush from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  A little back story, I’ve been debating if I should purchase this brush.  I already knew the site to purchase from AND the great things that this majic brush allegedly could do (via my naturalista gurus)….but still I was a skeptic.  WELL I am happy to report that I finally broke down and got one this weekend family. Above is the picture of my beautiful brush :).

I used this brush to delangle after my regualr weekly cleanse, deep treatment and leave in.  I must stay that this brush made that process (which is always a chore) easy as pie!  When applying my hair milk (leave in), this brush ran smoothly and quickly through my coils; leaving my hair soft and ready for styling!  Not only did I see minimal hair in the brush (from weekly shedding), my hair was REALLY manageable and soft.

I know many of you already have this brush in your collection.  What has your experience been with using this styling tool?  For those of you who haven’t heard/used this brush, you should really consider it!  This brush is good for ALL types of natural hair family, so consider this a great investment to add to your hair closet. Lol.

The orAKAle has spoken…….


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  1. 1

    kristen said,

    Well…I love the Denman brush and it detangles wonderfully well. Unfortunately, I always wind up with a golf ball size of hair afterwards. 😦 my hair tangles easily and typically its the ends that do it. Time for a cut!

    • 2

      I am sorry to hear that this brush takes out so much hair. You definitely may need your ends trimmed. Mine flowed smoothly through my coils, but I could HEAR that it was time for a trim.

  2. 3

    De-Andrea said,

    I’ve had this brush for a while and I love it. My typical style is a twist out, so I don’t generally brush my hair often. However when I do, I don’t have any problems. This and my wide-toothed combs are my stable hair styling tools.

    • 4

      Girl you and me both. I have my wide tooth (two actually…one at my house and then another in the STL for ER purposes…lol) and now the Denman. Bliss I tell you….

  3. 5

    Renita said,

    I love this brush. I dont have it yet but Steve ALWAYS used it on my hair when I go get it done!. Now that I know it’s at sally’s I will get tit!

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