Adult Acne….The Unspoken (but livable) Plague

Family, I’m about to really expose myself with today’s post. The subject of (adult) acne is one that is sensitive to me and hard to speak on. Why you may ask…because for the major part of my life, I never suffered from it. Of course there was the occasional break out here and there, but never like what I’ve been experiencing since turning 25 years old. Over the last 5 years, I’ve really began to know what it means to have adult acne and how to live with it.

I love it when I run into people who really believe that acne is not an experience that we face or relevant in the black culture. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, acne has no color or gender barriers. It attacks any and everyone depending on how it feels that day. Lol.

While I know that everyone can Bing what acne is and what to use to help decrease breakouts (no need to bore you), instead I wanted to provide you with some facts associated with specifically adult acne:

A) It is not like having acne as a child/teen: Adult acne is cause by totally different things as you get older. It can be a result of stress, medications, bad make up (ladies) and also hormones.

B) Chocolate is not the reason for the breakouts: I don’t know about you all, but I grew up thinking that eating to much chocolate or consuming to much caffeine would break out my skin. Who would have thought that all these years later I could’ve eaten as much candy bars as I wanted and still not had bumps….lol

C) Dermatologists are not a money scheme: For someone like me, going to see a dermatologist probably could have been avoided, but since I was so “upset” about the changes in my skin, I decided to do so. This type of specialist can be a huge resource for those who are suffering from serious acne issues or those who just want a professional opinion (like I did). If you can afford it, go see one just to make sure that there aren’t any major underlying issue with your skin.

D) Facials are not just for pampering: My general practitioner once told me that every women should invest in getting a facial every few months. Why….well not only is it therapeutic, but it also helps to unclog your pours. The esthetician will help to determine your skin type and how to better manage acne (if needed).

E) ACNE IS NOT CURABLE so just stop it: While I know there are many products and famous acne systems/procedures (ProActive, laser skin treatments, etc) out there that you can do, acne is not something that you can “cure”. You can however keep it under control with a system or method that works for YOU and YOUR SKIN. Don’t become obsessed with products and go broke to try to clear up something that is not curable! Lol….because I really get frustrated when people claim that they can “cure your acne”…pleeeeaaase….

My Current Facial Regimen

If you read any literature on adult acne, it takes trial and error to find out what works best for you. Currently, I think I’ve found a good system that is yielding some good results. Below is my current daily regimen:

Morning: cleanse w/Arm & Hammer baking soda, apply Ambi fade cream to dark spots & seal with Cetaphil daily moisturizer

Mid day = cleanse with Cetaphil daily cleansing bar and seal with Cetaphil daily moisturizer ( this is only if I work out during the day)

Evening = cleanse with either Cetaphil daily cleanser OR my favorite exfloiteator, apply Ambi fade cream to dark spots and seal with Cetaphil daily moisturizer

One thing I’ve learned is that you have to give it time to see if products are working for you.  When I saw a dermatologist, she suggested that I use Cetaphil for its the best over the counter product AND it has many of the same ingredients that “high end” facial cleansing products use. Why pay more…..(you know the rest). I recently started with the baking soda as a cleanser, so I will let you know how that goes. Maybe, I will post some pictures for those who really want to see. Lol

The Lesson

……..of this post was to show that we all are a work in progress and you can’t let your flaws (cause we all have them) get the best of you. This subject is one that has plagued me for years (and those who really know me will agree) during my adolescent years and young adult times…but I decided no more. I am taking back my life and my self esteem and refuse to get hung up on physical appearances, rather than thanking God for making me in his image. I

I usually have moments when I get down about my physical features, especially my face…but that is when I have to stop and give thanks to God. One of my line sisters (and closest friends) suggested a good scripture to reference in times like these. Take a look at Psalms 136 when you get a chance and use it if you have these sort of low moments. I encourage you to post this somewhere where you can visually see it daily…as a reminder that God loves you for who you are and that you are FABULOUS just the way you are!

This is the first part in a two part series about adult acne and how to live with it. Soon we will discuss how to NATURALLY control acne and the benefits to watching what you put into your body.

Until then the orAKAle has spoken…

For more information on adult acne and how to live with it, please visit the below links OR consult with your neighborhood dermatologist:

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    linda said,

    thank you for the post.good information regarding acne,how to remove them and keep your skin cleen.

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    De-Andrea said,

    Great post! Very informative.

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