Wet Braid Out

As requested by a SC reader, I wanted to post the results of my wet braid out set I did this weekend.  I literally tweeted my entire process on Saturday and said that I would post the results.  Shout out to my follower ms. prtynpnk for the “reminder” to post. Lol.  My routine and results are below:

+ Used Dr. Bronner’s Majic Liquid Soap (cleansing)
+ Co washed with Suave Naturals Conditioner
+ Applied KBB’s deep conditioner as a deep treatment, covered with a plastic cap and sat under hooded dryer for 25 minute
+ Rinsed, applied AfroVeda’s Nu Milk Nerolis Goat Milk Hair Conditioner, and detangled in sections using my Denman brush (my new found love)
+ Parted hair into medium sized sections, applied AfroVeda’s Shea Amla’s Whipped Butter Cream and braided from root to tip (its imperative that you apply the butter from the root to the end for total coverage…a little goes a long way)
+ Seal with shea butter, olive oil concotion
+ Covered with satin bonnet and went to bed.
+ Rinsed out conditioner, while leaving hair in sections

please excuse the fuzziness at the top...I'm still working on how to braid up there. lol

Also, this time around I let the hair set for two days prior to taking it down.  I used AfroVeda’s Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter to style the next day.  I put a little in my hands and let it emulsify before applying.  Then I unbraided starting at the bottom as usual.   After all braids were down, I took a little more of the butter and messaged the scalp and the ends and presto….I got the below:

a frizzy mess!

Now, this time I used a different styling aid to set my hair.  When the hair started to dry up, I used my summer time spritzer (future post is on its way) to refresh.  Also, the hair was wet to begin with, versus the last braid out I did (post found here) when the hair was totally dry.  Some things to remember when attempting this style…..shrinkage.  Even though the braids are a stretching technique (since it was wet), I did experience like 15% shrinkage (in comparison to the regular 40 – 45%).  Please note that I have type 4 A/B hair so I may experience more shrinkage than you 🙂

I really think the frizziness and fuzzy looking parts are directly related to my spritzer mix. I totally forgot that the water was not alone in the bottle, but had my conditioner and oil mixed in.  Add that on top of the hair milk as a leave in already on the coils (and the styling product used)…. YIKES!!!!  Well, I still had to go to work today so I decided to get creative….

front/side view of puff

I misted the hair with my spray bottle concotion to refresh the hair (whats in my bottle you keep wondering….a future post in due time). Then I took some of my AfroVeda’s Pure Whipped Hair Jelly and applied to the edges to slick my coils down. Then I put on one of my favorite thick headbands to pull the hair off my face. Wrapped the edges with a satin scarf and finished getting dressed for work….and ta da…..I had the above look!  Lol.

Below is a view from the back:

So I guess I didn’t have a bad hair day after all!

I promise to do a product review for KBB and Afroveda soon, for these are my most used products now.  Again, KBB’s product line is a staple in my natural hair care collection; so I feel you can never go wrong with her. Lol.

If you want to follow me on twitter, click the link to the side or look me up at @Efficient1.  I usually tweet one time photos of different scenarios or looks that may randomly come. We have lots of fun over there. Lol

The orAKAle has spoken……

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