Braid Out (pt 2)….this is the remix

Hello all,
As you read earlier this week in my Wet Braid Out post, I had quite a time with styling the hair that day. While my hair did not turn out the way I would have liked, I was able to salvage the frizzy wreckage. Lol.  Well…..luckily that was not the say all be all of how this week’s styling was going to be.  Below are some pics with directions on what I did to further matriculate the hair this week…even after the fizzy fiasco on Monday. Lol. Tell me what you think:

Side view

back view

On Monday night, I used my water bottle concoction and misted the hair, finger separated into parts, applied the Afroveda Shea Alma hair butter and braided from the root to the end.  Put my satin cap on and went to bed….hopefuly for holy grail hair in the morning. Lol.  When I awoke, I lightly misted the hair and separated the braids (as you can see above).  Let it air dry while I finish getting ready for work (see pics above).

Remember, the key to great results from your braid and twist outs are the TIME you put into  the actual twists/braids……..application from root to tip AND sealing the ends….remember the orAKAle told you that…lol.  So below were the results Tuesday morning after getting dressed:

front view

side view (still a little fuzzines going on)

Cute aint it…. I basically took every part (of the braids) and separated into two pieces. I put very little of the hair butter from root to end as I separated. To be honest, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would….

So to prepare for bed, I grabbed the hair in parts, applied some Afroveda shea alma hair butter, put on the satin cap and went to bed.  My hair literally looked just like the above pics for the next two days.

On Wednesday night, I just went to bed with a satin scarf and did no matriculation prior.  I know, I know…what was I thinking you may ask……but I was tired and lazy to be honest with you family.  Any who, so the next day I got up, took a shower (with the hair in its mashed state…cause that is what happens to at least my hair when loose AND under a cap), let air dry for like 30 minutes, misted with my spray bottle and added some Afroveda Totally Twisted hair cream from root to the ends.  Boy did my coils pop……see results below:

pulled back for front view

pull back from side view

I must admit, I look kinda cute on these pics.  Man those coils are having a ball up there. Lol.  So this brings us to my last day of the alleged bad hair week…. again….. I went to bed  with the hair out AGAIN, but pulled slightly up this time.  Said forget the satin cap….lets be DARING. Lol.  So I got up this morning and decided to experiment. Below are the results:

please excuse the "not so fab" skin....I am still

So the “innovative” part of this style for me is the height of the puff AND the braid in the back.  Considering when I do puffs, I usually don’t put it as high (as in the pics) for my hair is layered and has like 500 different lengths…..but look how fluffy and full it looks.  How did I get this look:  I refreshed with my water bottle concotion, applied AfroVeda Totally Twisted hair cream (to get those coils to pop), used a knee high to pull the hair up in puff (secured). As for the braid, that was literally hair that was hanging out…lol….so I applied the hair cream, brushed with the Denman and then twisted from root to ends.  Lastly, I tied the hair down with a satin scarf while I continued to get ready for work.  Upon leaving the house I removed the scarf….pretty nice huh…..

Purpose of this post – don’t ever count your hair out…just when you think that its done for the day/week, it can surprise you.  My hair (like everyone) has a mind of its own…so I believe in not argueing with it.  BUT I am glad that I daily give it a little TLC so it can come through for me in times of needs (like this whole week).
the orAKAle has spoken……..

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  1. 1

    Kristen said,

    Hmmm, Sunnie…..thought you couldn’t put your hair up in a puff??? Looks great girl!! See….I told you could do it!! 🙂

  2. 3

    sex filmy said,

    Im searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

  3. 5

    AtlantaJJ said,

    Your hair is beautiful!! I can’t wait until mine gets that long!

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