Trust In God

Received this daily word from a very good friend of mine and had to share.  This was yet another on time word. Read, reflect and be blessed all!

Trust God! Trust God! Trust God!

Written by: Donald Rice(

Hard times energize some people, yet paralyze others.  Look at David.  Everything he touched turned to gold; Samuel anointed him to be king; he defeated Goliath; Saul chose him as a musician and warrior; the army loved him and wrote songs about him.  Then his life fell apart.  He lost his job and his marriage failed; Samuel his old mentor died; his best friend Jonathan couldn’t help him, and Saul’s soldiers hounded him until he had to hide in a cave.  At some point we all do time in the cave!  It’s where you end up when all your earthly supports are gone.  It’s where you learn important things about yourself that you can’t learn anywhere else.  It’s where God does some of His best work in molding you into the likeness of Christ.  It’s where your worst inadequacies confirm that you’re out of your depth and where God sends His power to flow through your weakness.
When David prayed, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living,” he’d no way of knowing there was a crown in his future, or that he wasn’t going to die in hiding.  For all he knew, this cave he was in right now might be as good as it gets.  When you’re in a situation you can’t fix, can’t change and can’t escape, trust God! Trust God! Trust God!  As long as your sense of security is tied solely to your success, it’ll always be fragile.  But when you know that God is with you even at your lowest point, you can handle the cave and come out stronger!
Read Psalms 142:3-7

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