Product Review: Silky Elements

Hey SC Readers….did you miss me….I missed you all!

Today we have a submission from SC reader “Dr. Brown”, who tried and reviewed Silky Elements hair care line.  Lets see what she had to say about it…

Luxury Moisterizing Shampoo

The shampoo has a lovely smell to it. It also has silk protein, aloe Vera, panthenol pro vitamin B5, and moisturizers as ingredients.

My suggestion for use: Only apply a small amount…for a little goes a long way.  After using this, my hair was squeaky clean and tangle free.

Silky Elements Conditioner

The conditioner is not a leave in and should only be left in for 3-5 minutes max.  This product caused my curls to pop instantly!  My hair is 3c/4a mix but mostly 4a.  It didn’t weigh my hair down either.

FABO finished product

After cleansing and conditioning, I decided to twist one side of my head and braid the other side.  Once air dried, I took both sides down.  My hair was baby soft, had body, shiny, and moisturized.  It looks healthier too. I love it!

So weigh in family….what you think?  Honestly, I would have never thought to try this product….but I may have to consider using this line in the future.   I absolutely love it when you can find a “go to product” at the neighborhood hair store around the corner….that is not expensive!

Have a product or style you’ve tried?  Be a guest blogger and send your submissions to!

the orAKAle has spoken…

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