J’aime Paris, France!!!!

For those who may be new to SC or do not follow me on twitter (@efficient1- click here to add me), I was very blessed to be able to go to Paris, France this year.  This was my first international trip/vacation (and certainly not the last) so of course I was very excited!!  Now I am not a fan of flying, but I was determined to not be hindered from going to Paris due to the un easiness of traveling by plane.  Shout out to myself for surving the 6 1/2 – 7 hour flight!

This trip was fully escorted by SC’s resident travel artist Ms. Gai Spann of SPANN the Globe ToursClick here to read more about why you should broaden your horizons when it comes to traveling!

The album below will take you on my journey while in Paris.  Yes it took me like 6 months to do, but I had many pictures saved everywhere…and I wanted it to be perfect. Paris is definitely my new found love!

There is a story with every picture so adjust the time on the frame change so you can be sure to read the captions….hilarious!!! 

 Please note – some pictures were taking by other trip participants. I would like to thank them all for allowing me to share their artistic work!



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    LaNeshe said,

    Looks like a lovely time!

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