Summer Hair Protective Style

Hey SC family!  Quick update post for you today….

I just wanted to share the current hair style that I am rocking for the summer.  If you read in my previous post “To Weave, Braid, Relax/Perm…that is the Question“, I spoke about how I chose to get a sew in and why I believe this type of style can work for your hair.  Also, there was a call to encourage all to conduct your own research on multiple hair styles; rather that believing the hype and being scared away to try something different.  Well…..I totally forgot that I never posted the results of my sew in for you all.  I apologize for the late notice of this…for I have really been feeling myself this summer.

I got my weave sown in around the beginning of June.  My intent is to keep it until at least the middle of August.  This way, I can give my natural hair a break from all the maneuvering, etc.  Again, I think this is a great protective style when you want a break; along with a super cute style for all those who are transitioning to a natural hair regimen OR considering going natural.  So without further delay, below are some pics of my current summer hair. Enjoy!



the orAKAle has spoken……


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  1. 1

    LaNeshe said,

    I think it looks nice!

  2. 2

    De-Andrea said,

    Very cute! I’m experimenting this summer too: cinnamon/honey for hair lightening and playing with some other styles.

  3. 4

    Raechel said,

    It looks great Soror! I wore sew-ins when I wanted my fro to get a lil longer…but I have very dry scalp and realized that the sew in is not good for my hair…the stylist had to use synthetic hair to conrow my hair…I think I could be allergic to the chemicals in synthetic hair…which really caused itchy and dry scalp…I loved the looks though! And you look great! 🙂

    • 5

      Yeah…again we must do what is best for us. The sew in I wore was on my face, forehead always….and I think it aided in the breakouts in that area. Hair was human, but still… never know until your body tells you. Lol. Thanks for the support!

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