Relocation on Deck…

Hey all!  Quick post for the readers today; for I know I’ve been MIA from posting…and for that I apologize.  Just so the SC family is aware, I am in the process of relocating from Missouri to  the east coast. Due to this excited new venture, I am taking a small hiatus from the blog to concentrate on my move and to get settled in the new area. Packing up three years of stuff…in two weeks may I add…takes time; so I wanted to concentrate to be successful.

Now your probably wondering….where is the orAKAle going…is she coming closer to me or moving further away….good question!  Well I’ve decided to surprise you after the move is complete.  Consider of me I know…no need to thank me.  HA…. but I will give you some hints: their are mountains and the location is centrally located by many major cities on the east coast….oh and its really pretty/views of the area are picture perfect. Good luck!

I definitely want to plan a meet up in my new area so be looking for  an invite if in this new location of mine.  Coming soon new subjects and more guest posters. Also, I will be discovering new locations that I’ve never been to on the east coast; so you can expect pictures and my reviews of the area.

Well that’s it for now.  If any readers are in the Missouri area and would like to help me move…please feel free to contact me….no seriously I have a lot of stuff in my place :(.   Try not to miss me to much and I will see you on the other side….as soon as I solidify a place to live. LOL.

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