I’m Back….Well Somewhat…

Back by popular demand….its me Silky Chronicles!  Did you all miss me; because I definitely missed posting and interacting with each and everyone of you.  Like the new look for 2011?  It definitely fits were I am at mentally in my life…lol…but that is another post for another day.

So being back in the game has a small catch…this semester I decided to re embark on my educational endeavors and registered for my first  REAL graduate course (by real I mean a class that can be used towards a major I’m interested in) in possibly 6 years.  Part of my assignments include creating and posting to a blog relevant to discussion topics in class.  You can probably imagine the excitement that I felt when told this; for I’ve always truly enjoyed interacting with all of you ( SC Family), sharing life’s ups and downs, and any other relevant information pertaining to me…Ms Silky Chronicles.

So what does this mean…basically after every unit of study in my “Leadership in a Global Society” course I will need to post a blog relevant to certain concepts. Easy right? Well here is the kicker; I CAN NOT go over 500 words.




Yes that is how I felt when I saw the rubric. You all know that your girl loves to go on and on (and on till the break of dawn…lol) in my post; but I am excited to be faced with a challenge.  Not a challenge to use my dear blog to ace this class; but to get all my many thoughts and views out in 500 (cohesive) words or less.  Let us pray family…….lol


Call to Action:

Soooo did you really think I was going to let YOU the SC Family get off that easily…..HA….you were wrong.  Now this call to action doesn’t require any picketing, marching or even phone calling. All I need for my readers to do is 1) stay subscribed to the SC, 2) try your best to comment on my posts that deal with my class (and yes you will definitely be able to tell the difference between leisure and academic posts), and lastly C) spread the word about the SC!  Having YOU the readers participate not only gives me constructive criticism, but it also helps my grade as well….and you don’t want to see me fail now do you….(guilt trip).

More to come soon all; and again thanks for all the love and support.  The orAKAle has spoken……

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    De-Andrea said,

    Yes dear, you are “The orAKAle”, but I know you’re up to the 500 word challenge. 🙂 I’ll stay tuned!

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