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Summer Hair Style

As you all know I love to flip the script in the summer months.  This summer I am using a TOTALLY different technique to rock a style I’ve been moving towards since deciding to be natural. Clearly getting to my natural hair length goal will not happen over night. But that is why I feel God allowed man to invent wigs. lol…so in the meantime……

Meet “Drew” from Beshe’s line of synthetic lace front wigs.  This particular wig was purchased from Elevate Styles, an online hair care store.  I have to give a shout out to my stylist Ms @StunningIsShe for sending me the link to this gorgeous wig.  So how did I get this look….
First I had my hair shampoo’d, conditioned (well with that tingly stuff….head is about to be wrapped up for a, blown out and then braided up.  This is how I will wear MY natural hair for at least 3 weeks.  Next I put on the wig cap to continue with protecting the hair while wearing the wig and tada……I’m done!
“Drew” is very soft and comes already full of body.  It was very easy to put on AND the package does include tape if needed. I will say that you have to watch as you style (or play in it like I’ve been doing) for since it IS synthetic, it can frizz easily. Besides that, I have no complaints of this company’s wigs and “Drew” specifically.  This will not be my last purchase from them 🙂

loving this pic!

I must say that I am loving this wig. My plan is to have my natural hair cleansed thoroughly, conditioned then blown out and re braided every 3 weeks.  I am not sure how long I will wear “Drew”, but I do know that until I stop loving this look on me….she aint going anywhere!  So what do you all think family…..the orAKAle has spoken….

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Journey to Naturality: Naturalgirl1908

Ms Naturalgirl1908 talks about her hair journey, and offers advice to any newly naturals out there…I LOVES her hair!

Age: 32
When and Why did you decide to go natural: I decided to go natural May of 2007, thanks to a good friend who was transitioning and   was promoting healthy hair. I was not a believer because I was addicted to the “creamy crack“.  I finally decided that I would get my LAST relaxer and did so December of 2008, and have no regrets.  I want natural HEALTHY hair.

What products do you use: I love Hello Hydration as a conditioner but I absolutely love the BeeMine Products line! EVERYTHING is good and it’s all natural. The curly butter and the hair milk are my staples.
The good and the bad (if any) about your decision: The only regret I have about going natural is that I was scared to wear it natural at first. I kept it pressed and straight for a long time. I was a product junkie at first and then began finding my staples and stuck to it.  I absolutely love my natural hair.
Advice to newbies and those on the fence: The best advice I can give to a new natural or transitioning divas is to enjoy the process of being natural. Like you, your hair has personality. Some days its cool, some days its stubborn, but enjoy it!  Also don’t expect your hair to be like your fellow bellas hair. Everyone is different.

My fav photo by far!

Find a group of divas that are going to encourage you.  I created a great suppport group on facebook for like minded divas when I realized I wanted to transition – “For Colored Girls Who are Going Natural When the Relaxer is Enuf”.  This group was the best support system ever for me. We share hair stories, products, styles and just great discussion!

Couldn’t stated this message better myself Naturalgirl1908.  Keep up the good work and motivation to our divas out there!  The orAKAle has spoken……

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Dr. Brown’s Rendition of a “Curly Fro”

Dr. Brown is back to share results of her rendition of a curly fro using Silky Elements (To see Dr. Brown’s original product review click here).  Again, a great way to save money and look fabulous at the same time.  I am a firm believer you do not have to spend oodles of money on all these natural hair care sites/products (which are great by the way…and fund to try); when you have quality right in your backyard.  Again, to each his own.

Products used: Silk Elements Shampoo and Conditioner and Organics olive oil with Shea Butter moisturizing lotion (all can be found at any Sally Beauty Supply or your local hair )

I washed and conditioned hair with Silk Elements Shampoo and Conditioner (only a quarter size was used…because a little goes a long way). Them while sopping wet I parted hair into four sections detangled and added Organics Olive Oil with Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion.

Then I parted each section one at a time into six sections.  My curls popped instantly and was still soft and shiny with body.  Each section was then twisted (double strand) and rolled on perm rods.  After all was rolled I tied my hair in a satin scarf and went to sleep.

Next day I took my scarf off and blow dried any damp sections. Then I took rollers out and presto!

The organic olive oil with shea butter moisturizing lotion was applied before twisting to add more moisture to my wet hair (during the drying process on the perm rods).  I used a nickel size amount of this lotion on each section and finger combed it through to fully saturate each strand. This lotion is not heavy or greasy either which is great.  I really think that is the secret!

Absolutely fabulous Dr. Brown!  Family what do you think about the results?  I may have to pick me some of this up and try it on my coils……lol

The orAKAle has spoken………………………….

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Last Braid Out for Summer 2010

As some of you may know, I have decided to go see my natural hair stylist in the STL, and get a glamorous sew in for the summer.  This is not uncommon for me (to get a protective style for the summer months), but usually I am getting braids versus this options (for those who may be new to SC and black hair terms, a “sew in” is usually in reference to a weave or extensions in ones hair).

To send off my lovely coils with a BANG before getting sewed up, I decided to do one last braid out…for old time sake. I know your probably thinking “why is she talking like she is never going to see her natural hair again”….BECAUSE it will be gone for about 3 months and I will miss my coils……(don’t judge me). Lol.  Below are the results…..enjoy….


this is my hair literally after a cleansing...look at those coils POP!

Decided that since I am going to be “weaved up” for a few months, it would be good to do a ACV rinse and a hot oil treatment to add some protect the hair (while braided and covered).  I let the oil sit on the hair for about 30 minutes….(entirely to long in my opinion..but I got lost in a and then proceeded to detangling with my new found love the Denman Brush and began braiding the hair.  Hair tools needed: rubber duckbill clips (2), hair clamps and a wide tooth comb (as well as my denman)….oh and a towel 🙂

I used my current go to product, AfroVeda’s She Alma Hair Butter(I promise a product review is coming soon); applying the cream from root to end.  Below are those results and the current length of my hair:


top/side view (one of these days I will get a good back view for you all)


JESUS...the suitcases under the eyes....

For those who REALLY follow SC, you will notice first the length of my braids and how quickly my hair is growing. Also, you will see NO FUZZY ENDS!  I made a point to concentrate on the ends of the braids with my hair butter, but also with my braiding technique. No hair went unturned this time.  Lol.   As usually I sealed with shea butter and I made the braids medium sized, versus the usual smaller sized ones (since I was taking them down in the morning).

I literally did this while watching some RedBox movies.  It took longer than it should, but since I was watching a movie…I didn’t care.  For bed time, I pushed the front two braids off to the side and put on my satin cap. In the morning, I got up and unbraided the hair with dry hands……went back to getting dressed for work and then used my AfroVeda Totally Twisted Hair Cream to separate and style.  The verdict is in all:


you know I like to lean wit it!


this pic right here really showed me how thick and healthy my hair is


and now I'm ready for work...

Well all, while I will miss piddling in my hair, I am happy to take a break and wear a different look for a few weeks.  I will be posting the results of my sew in once I get it.  NOW, since I am taking a break, I need YOU the SC family to submit your “naturally innovative” styles and product selections for the group… on the “contact me” button on the top right to participate.  Until next time…..

The orAKAle has spoken!

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Rogue Twist Out Set

Hey SC Family,
Quick post today…..dilemma….did a great twist set to wear for about a week (two weeks maximum if last).  Well, I was able to keep the double strand twist for almost two weeks, but due to them looking raggedy I had to take them out.  Below is a few pics of how the twist turned out:

twist top view

notice the split wouldnt even totally twist all the way...FAIL!

absolutely the BEST photo out of all of them

As you can see, they didn’t turn out bad.  I’m actually getting better with twisting and/or braiding my own hair to wear as a protective style.  Now mind you, I completed this style around 11 pm…so I was mad tired in these photos all…and had bad lighting to take pics. Lol.
I did the usual routine (clear here for more information) as far as products.    Still trucking away with my AfroVeda products…and I plan to do so until I use it all up (month).  I believe in using products for at least a month to see how they work on the hair.
I kept the twist in for almost two weeks, as I mentioned above; but was disappointed in how messy they started to look after a week.  Like I’m suppose to, I slept in a satin cap every night, and the days I felt lazy, I slept on satin pillow covers….so the hair was protected right……..
About every other day (or may two) I would mist my hair with my favorite spray bottle concoction….but only if it looked and felt thirsty.  You gotta pay attention to your coils hunny…they will never lie to you. After much prayer and meditation, I felt it was only fair to my hair to take it down. Cause really…who wants to walk around with fuzzy looking twist.  Below are the results of the twist out:

not sure why I am smiling, cause I don't like it

**Sigh**…I mean what do I say about this family……it was a “rogue” twist out set….lol.  All I can do is laugh at this picture….You can also tell that one side of the head (the right in the pic) is longer than the other.  Ultimate failure….

Again, the purpose of this blog is to show that I to am human just like the rest of you all. My hair has a mind of its own (like you all as well), and sometimes I have to let it do what it does.  How do you savor a wreck like this…..put a thick headband or scarf on and keep it moving….lol…and that is exactly what I did.

Point to remember – We all have good days and not so good days (because I don’t believe in bad natural hair days) when it comes to our hair.  Ultimately YOU decide how to finish when a style doesn’t turn out right.  Personally, I finished strong from this atrocity. Lol.

Learning points:
  • How important it is to twist all the way down to the ends (even if split)
  • Sealing the hair with shea is always a must on protective styles
  • Do not start twisting or braiding hair at 8 pm at night…you may get distracted and take all night finishing. Lol
  • When in doubt, pull hair off the face with a favorite headband or scarf…they will never know..
The orAKAle has spoken….

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Braid Out (pt 2)….this is the remix

Hello all,
As you read earlier this week in my Wet Braid Out post, I had quite a time with styling the hair that day. While my hair did not turn out the way I would have liked, I was able to salvage the frizzy wreckage. Lol.  Well…..luckily that was not the say all be all of how this week’s styling was going to be.  Below are some pics with directions on what I did to further matriculate the hair this week…even after the fizzy fiasco on Monday. Lol. Tell me what you think:

Side view

back view

On Monday night, I used my water bottle concoction and misted the hair, finger separated into parts, applied the Afroveda Shea Alma hair butter and braided from the root to the end.  Put my satin cap on and went to bed….hopefuly for holy grail hair in the morning. Lol.  When I awoke, I lightly misted the hair and separated the braids (as you can see above).  Let it air dry while I finish getting ready for work (see pics above).

Remember, the key to great results from your braid and twist outs are the TIME you put into  the actual twists/braids……..application from root to tip AND sealing the ends….remember the orAKAle told you that…lol.  So below were the results Tuesday morning after getting dressed:

front view

side view (still a little fuzzines going on)

Cute aint it…. I basically took every part (of the braids) and separated into two pieces. I put very little of the hair butter from root to end as I separated. To be honest, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would….

So to prepare for bed, I grabbed the hair in parts, applied some Afroveda shea alma hair butter, put on the satin cap and went to bed.  My hair literally looked just like the above pics for the next two days.

On Wednesday night, I just went to bed with a satin scarf and did no matriculation prior.  I know, I know…what was I thinking you may ask……but I was tired and lazy to be honest with you family.  Any who, so the next day I got up, took a shower (with the hair in its mashed state…cause that is what happens to at least my hair when loose AND under a cap), let air dry for like 30 minutes, misted with my spray bottle and added some Afroveda Totally Twisted hair cream from root to the ends.  Boy did my coils pop……see results below:

pulled back for front view

pull back from side view

I must admit, I look kinda cute on these pics.  Man those coils are having a ball up there. Lol.  So this brings us to my last day of the alleged bad hair week…. again….. I went to bed  with the hair out AGAIN, but pulled slightly up this time.  Said forget the satin cap….lets be DARING. Lol.  So I got up this morning and decided to experiment. Below are the results:

please excuse the "not so fab" skin....I am still

So the “innovative” part of this style for me is the height of the puff AND the braid in the back.  Considering when I do puffs, I usually don’t put it as high (as in the pics) for my hair is layered and has like 500 different lengths…..but look how fluffy and full it looks.  How did I get this look:  I refreshed with my water bottle concotion, applied AfroVeda Totally Twisted hair cream (to get those coils to pop), used a knee high to pull the hair up in puff (secured). As for the braid, that was literally hair that was hanging out…lol….so I applied the hair cream, brushed with the Denman and then twisted from root to ends.  Lastly, I tied the hair down with a satin scarf while I continued to get ready for work.  Upon leaving the house I removed the scarf….pretty nice huh…..

Purpose of this post – don’t ever count your hair out…just when you think that its done for the day/week, it can surprise you.  My hair (like everyone) has a mind of its own…so I believe in not argueing with it.  BUT I am glad that I daily give it a little TLC so it can come through for me in times of needs (like this whole week).
the orAKAle has spoken……..

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Wet Braid Out

As requested by a SC reader, I wanted to post the results of my wet braid out set I did this weekend.  I literally tweeted my entire process on Saturday and said that I would post the results.  Shout out to my follower ms. prtynpnk for the “reminder” to post. Lol.  My routine and results are below:

+ Used Dr. Bronner’s Majic Liquid Soap (cleansing)
+ Co washed with Suave Naturals Conditioner
+ Applied KBB’s deep conditioner as a deep treatment, covered with a plastic cap and sat under hooded dryer for 25 minute
+ Rinsed, applied AfroVeda’s Nu Milk Nerolis Goat Milk Hair Conditioner, and detangled in sections using my Denman brush (my new found love)
+ Parted hair into medium sized sections, applied AfroVeda’s Shea Amla’s Whipped Butter Cream and braided from root to tip (its imperative that you apply the butter from the root to the end for total coverage…a little goes a long way)
+ Seal with shea butter, olive oil concotion
+ Covered with satin bonnet and went to bed.
+ Rinsed out conditioner, while leaving hair in sections

please excuse the fuzziness at the top...I'm still working on how to braid up there. lol

Also, this time around I let the hair set for two days prior to taking it down.  I used AfroVeda’s Totally Twisted Ginger Almond Butter to style the next day.  I put a little in my hands and let it emulsify before applying.  Then I unbraided starting at the bottom as usual.   After all braids were down, I took a little more of the butter and messaged the scalp and the ends and presto….I got the below:

a frizzy mess!

Now, this time I used a different styling aid to set my hair.  When the hair started to dry up, I used my summer time spritzer (future post is on its way) to refresh.  Also, the hair was wet to begin with, versus the last braid out I did (post found here) when the hair was totally dry.  Some things to remember when attempting this style…..shrinkage.  Even though the braids are a stretching technique (since it was wet), I did experience like 15% shrinkage (in comparison to the regular 40 – 45%).  Please note that I have type 4 A/B hair so I may experience more shrinkage than you 🙂

I really think the frizziness and fuzzy looking parts are directly related to my spritzer mix. I totally forgot that the water was not alone in the bottle, but had my conditioner and oil mixed in.  Add that on top of the hair milk as a leave in already on the coils (and the styling product used)…. YIKES!!!!  Well, I still had to go to work today so I decided to get creative….

front/side view of puff

I misted the hair with my spray bottle concotion to refresh the hair (whats in my bottle you keep wondering….a future post in due time). Then I took some of my AfroVeda’s Pure Whipped Hair Jelly and applied to the edges to slick my coils down. Then I put on one of my favorite thick headbands to pull the hair off my face. Wrapped the edges with a satin scarf and finished getting dressed for work….and ta da…..I had the above look!  Lol.

Below is a view from the back:

So I guess I didn’t have a bad hair day after all!

I promise to do a product review for KBB and Afroveda soon, for these are my most used products now.  Again, KBB’s product line is a staple in my natural hair care collection; so I feel you can never go wrong with her. Lol.

If you want to follow me on twitter, click the link to the side or look me up at @Efficient1.  I usually tweet one time photos of different scenarios or looks that may randomly come. We have lots of fun over there. Lol

The orAKAle has spoken……

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