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Natural Hair Update – September 2011

Hey SC Family!  Yes I’ve been gone for a minute, and I do apologize.  Forgive me…..:)  Lots going on in the orAKAle’s world and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Thanks for your patience.  Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my hair.  Its been growing at rapid speeds and I’m so excited!

Below is a current pictures of me with stretched hair. I shampoo’d, hot oil treated, blew out (using my denman) THEN double stranded twisted the hair.  I wore the twist for about 2 weeks before taking them down.  Below are the results!  I used my hair cream to refresh an twists that were trying to get free (lol) and my flaxseed pomade daily to add shine and to do any slick ups or backs.  Take a look and tell me what you think!

this is my "long" side

back view

short side view

my pretty girl rock....

My regimen includes a homemade pomade and hair cream with Shea butter and flaxseeds as two of my staple products. To learn about the benefits of flaxseed for the hair, click here I actually make my own oil/gel from the seeds to use on my hair.  As for my hair cream, I also use this concoction over the entire body (great for when the cold months come). It feels wonderful and I’m loving ever second of naturality.  This November I will be celebrating my 4 year Napaversary and I’m so excited. Maybe I will do something exciting for the SC readers…..guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support!  The orAKAle has spoken…..


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Journaey to Naturality: Diamond Princess

Ms Diamond Princess talks about her hair journey, and offers insight to any newly naturals out there…can you say DIVA!

Age: 21
When and Why did you decide to go natural: -I decided to go natural in 2006. I was rocking this hairstyle that required me to color and perm my hair very frequent. It goes without saying that because I permed my hair so much it became extremely damaged. I decided to rock a fade. After about 2 years I wanted to see how long my hair could get now that it was healthy. I permed my hair and it look fabulous. However, after about 3 months I grew bored and cut my hair off again. And I’ve been natural since then. Now I have locks and I absolutely love them.

What products do you use: I use the Jamaican Rasta Locks & Twists product line and Aphogee Protein Shampoo & Conditioner (twice a year)
The good and the bad (if any) about your decision: The pros of having natural hair is the way your hair shines, the rate my hair has been growing, and just the way my hair feels. Since I became natural my hair looks and feels amazing. I know when I was constantly perming and coloring my hair, my ends were split and texture of my hair was very brittle. I would have to saturate my hair with oils and moisturizers just for it to appear remotely decent. My hair has always grew at a fairly decent rate however since I have been natural I went from a fade to shoulder lengths locks in ONE YEAR! It’s crazy. I can’t think of any cons.

Advice to newbies and those on the fence: Love your hair not matter the length or texture. Love it! Being natural has its moments. Your hair will be unpredictable and won’t do what you want it to do but it’s just a phase. Once you truly get to understand your hair and what works for hair you will LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

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Journey to Naturality: Naturalgirl1908

Ms Naturalgirl1908 talks about her hair journey, and offers advice to any newly naturals out there…I LOVES her hair!

Age: 32
When and Why did you decide to go natural: I decided to go natural May of 2007, thanks to a good friend who was transitioning and   was promoting healthy hair. I was not a believer because I was addicted to the “creamy crack“.  I finally decided that I would get my LAST relaxer and did so December of 2008, and have no regrets.  I want natural HEALTHY hair.

What products do you use: I love Hello Hydration as a conditioner but I absolutely love the BeeMine Products line! EVERYTHING is good and it’s all natural. The curly butter and the hair milk are my staples.
The good and the bad (if any) about your decision: The only regret I have about going natural is that I was scared to wear it natural at first. I kept it pressed and straight for a long time. I was a product junkie at first and then began finding my staples and stuck to it.  I absolutely love my natural hair.
Advice to newbies and those on the fence: The best advice I can give to a new natural or transitioning divas is to enjoy the process of being natural. Like you, your hair has personality. Some days its cool, some days its stubborn, but enjoy it!  Also don’t expect your hair to be like your fellow bellas hair. Everyone is different.

My fav photo by far!

Find a group of divas that are going to encourage you.  I created a great suppport group on facebook for like minded divas when I realized I wanted to transition – “For Colored Girls Who are Going Natural When the Relaxer is Enuf”.  This group was the best support system ever for me. We share hair stories, products, styles and just great discussion!

Couldn’t stated this message better myself Naturalgirl1908.  Keep up the good work and motivation to our divas out there!  The orAKAle has spoken……

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