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Natural Hair Update – September 2011

Hey SC Family!  Yes I’ve been gone for a minute, and I do apologize.  Forgive me…..:)  Lots going on in the orAKAle’s world and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Thanks for your patience.  Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my hair.  Its been growing at rapid speeds and I’m so excited!

Below is a current pictures of me with stretched hair. I shampoo’d, hot oil treated, blew out (using my denman) THEN double stranded twisted the hair.  I wore the twist for about 2 weeks before taking them down.  Below are the results!  I used my hair cream to refresh an twists that were trying to get free (lol) and my flaxseed pomade daily to add shine and to do any slick ups or backs.  Take a look and tell me what you think!

this is my "long" side

back view

short side view

my pretty girl rock....

My regimen includes a homemade pomade and hair cream with Shea butter and flaxseeds as two of my staple products. To learn about the benefits of flaxseed for the hair, click here I actually make my own oil/gel from the seeds to use on my hair.  As for my hair cream, I also use this concoction over the entire body (great for when the cold months come). It feels wonderful and I’m loving ever second of naturality.  This November I will be celebrating my 4 year Napaversary and I’m so excited. Maybe I will do something exciting for the SC readers…..guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support!  The orAKAle has spoken…..


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Journaey to Naturality: Diamond Princess

Ms Diamond Princess talks about her hair journey, and offers insight to any newly naturals out there…can you say DIVA!

Age: 21
When and Why did you decide to go natural: -I decided to go natural in 2006. I was rocking this hairstyle that required me to color and perm my hair very frequent. It goes without saying that because I permed my hair so much it became extremely damaged. I decided to rock a fade. After about 2 years I wanted to see how long my hair could get now that it was healthy. I permed my hair and it look fabulous. However, after about 3 months I grew bored and cut my hair off again. And I’ve been natural since then. Now I have locks and I absolutely love them.

What products do you use: I use the Jamaican Rasta Locks & Twists product line and Aphogee Protein Shampoo & Conditioner (twice a year)
The good and the bad (if any) about your decision: The pros of having natural hair is the way your hair shines, the rate my hair has been growing, and just the way my hair feels. Since I became natural my hair looks and feels amazing. I know when I was constantly perming and coloring my hair, my ends were split and texture of my hair was very brittle. I would have to saturate my hair with oils and moisturizers just for it to appear remotely decent. My hair has always grew at a fairly decent rate however since I have been natural I went from a fade to shoulder lengths locks in ONE YEAR! It’s crazy. I can’t think of any cons.

Advice to newbies and those on the fence: Love your hair not matter the length or texture. Love it! Being natural has its moments. Your hair will be unpredictable and won’t do what you want it to do but it’s just a phase. Once you truly get to understand your hair and what works for hair you will LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

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Summer Hair Protective Style

Hey SC family!  Quick update post for you today….

I just wanted to share the current hair style that I am rocking for the summer.  If you read in my previous post “To Weave, Braid, Relax/Perm…that is the Question“, I spoke about how I chose to get a sew in and why I believe this type of style can work for your hair.  Also, there was a call to encourage all to conduct your own research on multiple hair styles; rather that believing the hype and being scared away to try something different.  Well…..I totally forgot that I never posted the results of my sew in for you all.  I apologize for the late notice of this…for I have really been feeling myself this summer.

I got my weave sown in around the beginning of June.  My intent is to keep it until at least the middle of August.  This way, I can give my natural hair a break from all the maneuvering, etc.  Again, I think this is a great protective style when you want a break; along with a super cute style for all those who are transitioning to a natural hair regimen OR considering going natural.  So without further delay, below are some pics of my current summer hair. Enjoy!



the orAKAle has spoken……

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Dr. Brown’s Rendition of a “Curly Fro”

Dr. Brown is back to share results of her rendition of a curly fro using Silky Elements (To see Dr. Brown’s original product review click here).  Again, a great way to save money and look fabulous at the same time.  I am a firm believer you do not have to spend oodles of money on all these natural hair care sites/products (which are great by the way…and fund to try); when you have quality right in your backyard.  Again, to each his own.

Products used: Silk Elements Shampoo and Conditioner and Organics olive oil with Shea Butter moisturizing lotion (all can be found at any Sally Beauty Supply or your local hair )

I washed and conditioned hair with Silk Elements Shampoo and Conditioner (only a quarter size was used…because a little goes a long way). Them while sopping wet I parted hair into four sections detangled and added Organics Olive Oil with Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion.

Then I parted each section one at a time into six sections.  My curls popped instantly and was still soft and shiny with body.  Each section was then twisted (double strand) and rolled on perm rods.  After all was rolled I tied my hair in a satin scarf and went to sleep.

Next day I took my scarf off and blow dried any damp sections. Then I took rollers out and presto!

The organic olive oil with shea butter moisturizing lotion was applied before twisting to add more moisture to my wet hair (during the drying process on the perm rods).  I used a nickel size amount of this lotion on each section and finger combed it through to fully saturate each strand. This lotion is not heavy or greasy either which is great.  I really think that is the secret!

Absolutely fabulous Dr. Brown!  Family what do you think about the results?  I may have to pick me some of this up and try it on my coils……lol

The orAKAle has spoken………………………….

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Summer Time is HERE: Tips for Natural Hair and Health

FINALLY summer is here family!  I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting to the end of the semester AND for the sun to come out.  Well I finally got my prayers answered all.  May (to me) officially started the summer….the students are gone, so the celebration has began at my house.  Lol

As the warmer weather draws near, I wanted to give my readers some helpful tips to get you through the next few months; as it relates to natural hair and your overall health.  Remember, living a full and healthy life is not just about hair; but also about how you view yourself, prayer life and hygiene, etc!   So with that being said, I present to you the orAKAle’s 2010 Summer Tips for living life to the FULLEST:

Hair – these are must haves for all my natural divas!  These will be life savers to accomplishing those styles and textures for the change in weather.  Most of these can be purchased at your neighborhood beauty supply. For the orAKAle’s recommendations on hair products, search “product review” in the box to the left for my MUST TRY product lines:

Spray Bottle (will help with daily moisturizing of those coils and styling)
Denman Brush
Hair Milk and Butters (KBB and Oyin are my favs)
Satin Cap (a must have for any and all naturals)
Wide Tooth Comb

**orAKAle’s tip: Add your favorite leave in conditioner and/or essential oil to your spray bottle for a daily (and light) spritz!  Ideal for the summer time since the heat changes

Skin – with the weather changing…you have to switch up your regimen and application. Now, I am not saying run and throw out all your skin care products that are getting YOU results…but consider implementing some of the below (if you haven’t already) to protect the skin from possible sun damage.  For more information check out my posts Acne pt1 & Acne pt2)

Non Pore Clogging Face Wash (suggestion – Purpose and/or Cetaphil…both dermatologist recommended)
SPF 30 Facial Creams
Witch Hazel (great astringent substitute that doesn’t clog or strip the pores)
Limit the Make Up (remember sweat and make up is not cute)
Limit Your Sun Intake (if you must lay out on the beach, apply appropriate sun protecting lotion)
Body Butters/Creams vs. Shea Butter

Health – like everyone else…who isn’t always worried about their health; AND looking for new/natural and innovative ways to be a healthier person….well the below list are my suggestions to consider for the summer to 1) enjoy your break and 2) prepare for fall and winter.

Get a Physical
Go See the Dentist
Drink Plenty of Water (I believe you should get a minimum of 8 servings/64 ounces of H2O/day)
Fruits and Veggies (the keys to healthy and long living.  Not only do they help with digestion, but they also help with skin, weight loss and strong bodies)
Multivitamin (currently I take One A Day – Women’s Weight Control…but will be trying a new one soon…TBC)
Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Sleep – self explanatory….get at least 6-8 hrs of sleep DAILY.  Studies have shown that people who get these amounts of sleep daily perform better, stress levels are lower and overall live happier HEALTHIER lives.  While I am sensitive to the many responsibilities that we all have, in our daily lives, that pull us in all sorts of directions….how can you be the BEST YOU CAN BE if you are not resting…..think about it.

Mental – I am a firm believer that we should all have planned/scheduled down time to not only regroup, but to also revitalize daily.  If you are not taking the time to mentally stimulate yourself (positively) this entire post will be irrelevant and you will definitely not be happier….because seriously…don’t you deserve to be happy too…

Read Daily (this is not including work/school related publications)
Clean up your Inner Circle of Acquaintances
Take a Vacation (this can be with or without the
Pray, Pray….and then Pray again (if you are not spiritually grounded, you will not be successful at any of the above)
Tell those around you how much they mean to you/that you love them

While I know it may not be easy to implement all of these initially, you should at least try to accomplish some this summer.  I am no expert in these areas by any means; but I have done all the above and have seen some positive results in  I hope these tips help you like they’ve helped me.

The orAKAle has spoken………

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Last Braid Out for Summer 2010

As some of you may know, I have decided to go see my natural hair stylist in the STL, and get a glamorous sew in for the summer.  This is not uncommon for me (to get a protective style for the summer months), but usually I am getting braids versus this options (for those who may be new to SC and black hair terms, a “sew in” is usually in reference to a weave or extensions in ones hair).

To send off my lovely coils with a BANG before getting sewed up, I decided to do one last braid out…for old time sake. I know your probably thinking “why is she talking like she is never going to see her natural hair again”….BECAUSE it will be gone for about 3 months and I will miss my coils……(don’t judge me). Lol.  Below are the results…..enjoy….


this is my hair literally after a cleansing...look at those coils POP!

Decided that since I am going to be “weaved up” for a few months, it would be good to do a ACV rinse and a hot oil treatment to add some protect the hair (while braided and covered).  I let the oil sit on the hair for about 30 minutes….(entirely to long in my opinion..but I got lost in a and then proceeded to detangling with my new found love the Denman Brush and began braiding the hair.  Hair tools needed: rubber duckbill clips (2), hair clamps and a wide tooth comb (as well as my denman)….oh and a towel 🙂

I used my current go to product, AfroVeda’s She Alma Hair Butter(I promise a product review is coming soon); applying the cream from root to end.  Below are those results and the current length of my hair:


top/side view (one of these days I will get a good back view for you all)


JESUS...the suitcases under the eyes....

For those who REALLY follow SC, you will notice first the length of my braids and how quickly my hair is growing. Also, you will see NO FUZZY ENDS!  I made a point to concentrate on the ends of the braids with my hair butter, but also with my braiding technique. No hair went unturned this time.  Lol.   As usually I sealed with shea butter and I made the braids medium sized, versus the usual smaller sized ones (since I was taking them down in the morning).

I literally did this while watching some RedBox movies.  It took longer than it should, but since I was watching a movie…I didn’t care.  For bed time, I pushed the front two braids off to the side and put on my satin cap. In the morning, I got up and unbraided the hair with dry hands……went back to getting dressed for work and then used my AfroVeda Totally Twisted Hair Cream to separate and style.  The verdict is in all:


you know I like to lean wit it!


this pic right here really showed me how thick and healthy my hair is


and now I'm ready for work...

Well all, while I will miss piddling in my hair, I am happy to take a break and wear a different look for a few weeks.  I will be posting the results of my sew in once I get it.  NOW, since I am taking a break, I need YOU the SC family to submit your “naturally innovative” styles and product selections for the group… on the “contact me” button on the top right to participate.  Until next time…..

The orAKAle has spoken!

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Product Review: Silky Elements

Hey SC Readers….did you miss me….I missed you all!

Today we have a submission from SC reader “Dr. Brown”, who tried and reviewed Silky Elements hair care line.  Lets see what she had to say about it…

Luxury Moisterizing Shampoo

The shampoo has a lovely smell to it. It also has silk protein, aloe Vera, panthenol pro vitamin B5, and moisturizers as ingredients.

My suggestion for use: Only apply a small amount…for a little goes a long way.  After using this, my hair was squeaky clean and tangle free.

Silky Elements Conditioner

The conditioner is not a leave in and should only be left in for 3-5 minutes max.  This product caused my curls to pop instantly!  My hair is 3c/4a mix but mostly 4a.  It didn’t weigh my hair down either.

FABO finished product

After cleansing and conditioning, I decided to twist one side of my head and braid the other side.  Once air dried, I took both sides down.  My hair was baby soft, had body, shiny, and moisturized.  It looks healthier too. I love it!

So weigh in family….what you think?  Honestly, I would have never thought to try this product….but I may have to consider using this line in the future.   I absolutely love it when you can find a “go to product” at the neighborhood hair store around the corner….that is not expensive!

Have a product or style you’ve tried?  Be a guest blogger and send your submissions to!

the orAKAle has spoken…

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