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Thank you for following the Silky Chronicles!  My goal is to help ALL live life to the fullest, with providing a variety of posts that cover subjects to do just that.
Got a story to tell?  Have questions, comments or concerns?  Well here is your chance to be featured on the Silky Chronicles!  See topic descriptions below and email me at to be spotlighted.  Make sure to enter the name of the series in your subject line!

~ Journey to Naturality – Please answer the following questions, along with submitting before and after pictures:
                           + Screen name and age
                           + When and why did you decide to go natural?
                           + What products do you use?
                           +  The good and the bad (if any) about your decision?
                           +  Advice to newbies and those on the fence?

~ Naturally Innovative naturals (males and females) who have developed new creative ideas on how to style natural hair. This includes everyday AND professional looks. Please send details on products used, your routine to achieve the style and pictures of the results.
~ Speak Up and SPEAK OUT – topic can be about anything you want (that is appropriate of course).  Got something to say you want to share with the masses….well email me now to be featured.

~ Nutrition and Fitness Tips – the goal is to help everyone life a better life…to do this we must take a hard look at our daily diet and fitness regimen.  Have suggestions, please submit them!  Together we can ALL become healthier together.
~ Food for the Soul – got something inspirational to say?  Want to inspire others to live life to the fullest? Send me an entry and I will post it.
Live Coaching Services:
Making changes in your life can be tough.  Believe me I know the difficulties of taking a hard look at one self and then assessing what needs to be added or removed from your life.  Well have no fear, Visionary Insights is here!  If your interesting in turning your life around for the better, feel free to contact my firm as well at or visit us at  
Diversity and Multicultural Consulting:
Providing tools to execute/facilitate cultural and diversity initiatives in the public and private sector.  Assist with designing specific strategic planning for your organizations initiatives.   Topics include (but are not limited to):
+ Strategic Planning
+ Training and Workshop
+ Speaking Engagements
+ Organizational Assessment
+ Recruitment and Retention
For more details, please visit us at
Speaking Engagements:
My soul purpose in life is to help others be the best they can be!  I believe that my vocation is to share my experiences and expertise to help inspire others to be better and especially encourage our youth to shoot for the stars and to never accept mediocrity as an option.  If your interested in me speaking to your organization, church and/or students, please contact me at

For my advance social networkers, you can also follow me on Twitter @efficient1 for daily updates on what the orAKAle is doing!

Disclaimer – all guest postings will be reviewed and approved by this blog’s administrator. The administrator of this blog is NOT a licensed or certified psychologist, nutritionist, personal trainer, minister, cosmetologist or hair stylist.  Ideas, opinions and suggestions are from years of experience in noted fields AND personal regimens.  The reader should use their own judgment in utilizing the information found on this site and during any consultations. The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  Silky and approved affiliates (guest bloggers) are not and shall not be responsibility nor liability to any entity or individual (s) with respect to any loss or damage alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the advice or information provided.

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