Natural Hair Journey

Unlike many, I’ve always had healthy hair. Yes even when strung out on the creamy crack, my hair was healthy, had lots body and was most of the time shoulder length.  Some would say why would you decide to go natural?  Why cut all of your lovely mane off and…..start over….ARE YOU NUTS!?!

It started with braiding and then weaving.  I figured as I transitioned into the natural world, I would be able to grow out so much NEW chemically untouched hair that I wouldn’t have to  endure the shock and aw that most folks have when they big chop….but nothing could be further from the truth. lol

Despite the regal and classy look of this photo, this scared the crap out of me (and my family). I was not expecting this….not at all; but doing the “big chop” jump started my journey to loving ME for who I was and how God created.  Due to this revelation, if I could go back I would chop it all off still.

Over the following months (and years) I’ve tried many styles.  My natural hair gurus/mentors all said that to experiment with different looks NOW as my hair continues to grow. Who ever knew that trying different twist, braids, coils, etc would be the highlight of my weeks.  Also, who would’ve thought that product junkism was REAL , yet curable. Lol. But that’s another entry for a different day.

I must say its been fun learning new ways of styling, AND also educating myself and you the readers on how to manage your own hair.  Now if I want to straighten my hair or do a “wash go”…I can.  Nothing is more liberating than having that feeling (and flexibility). My confidence in not only my hair but myself has grown as well. I was more daring in my decision making (in a positive and safe way that is), didn’t look for outside approval anymore and most importantly, when I looked in the mirror daily, I could be proud and smile as to what I had become.  Who would’ve knows that chopping my hair off would give me all of this.

blow out with dry braids

2nd Nappaversary came quicker than I thought; as I was more comfortable with trying some of the styles suggested by my stylist, mentors and some I created on my own.  It was during this year that I’ve been really making an effort to try some new styles and explore the matriculation abilities of my hair type.  Keep in mind that I also believe in having a license natural hair stylist to help with ideas, healthy hair tips and support.  This though is one thing you will see in my entries throughout the Silky Chronicles; the importance of having a supportive and qualified stylist who can assist you on your journey, goals and sustainability!

Year 3 for the most part has been a blast!  Its amazing how quickly my coils have grown (and how much they’ve taken over on the head  I would say that during this year I’ve been more daring and willing to “experiment” with my hair more.  I’m conservative really when it comes to hair styles, but I’ve pushed myself to step out of the box (well out the box for me that is) during this year.

As I thrust forward to year 4, I am even more excited of the heights I will accomplish with my coils.  While it seems as though I’m really having fun with my hair NOW, I wouldn’t change my journey for nothing!  If we only focus on the end result, we can miss all the lessons (ups and downs) as we continue on our path.  It is in those stumbles, draw backs and even short lived successes, where we truly see ourselves and start to love what is right in front of us.

My hope is that  for all who come across my blog, whether you subscribe or not, you will be encouraged and leave ready to fulfill your aspirations, goals and passions in life. I for one am, and refuse to let life past me by. It is in this moment that you’ve fully accomplished LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!


the orAKAle


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    Ericka said,

    This is a great post! I felt like I related to everything you said 100%. I just did my big chop2 weeks ago. I have gotten some of the nicest and the rudest comments but I just have to reassure myself that its all good! I am loving my natural hair, so much that I made the mistake of washing my hair everytime I took a shower lol. I have gained a new found confidence in my self that I never even knew I had. Your blog along with so many other peoples blogs have inspired me to continue my journey and be proud of my natural hair no matter what and I will surely do that. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blag. Thank you!

  2. 2

    I’m glad to hear this Ericka and I wish you continued success on your new journey!

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