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Natural Hair Update – September 2011

Hey SC Family!  Yes I’ve been gone for a minute, and I do apologize.  Forgive me…..:)  Lots going on in the orAKAle’s world and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Thanks for your patience.  Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my hair.  Its been growing at rapid speeds and I’m so excited!

Below is a current pictures of me with stretched hair. I shampoo’d, hot oil treated, blew out (using my denman) THEN double stranded twisted the hair.  I wore the twist for about 2 weeks before taking them down.  Below are the results!  I used my hair cream to refresh an twists that were trying to get free (lol) and my flaxseed pomade daily to add shine and to do any slick ups or backs.  Take a look and tell me what you think!

this is my "long" side

back view

short side view

my pretty girl rock....

My regimen includes a homemade pomade and hair cream with Shea butter and flaxseeds as two of my staple products. To learn about the benefits of flaxseed for the hair, click here I actually make my own oil/gel from the seeds to use on my hair.  As for my hair cream, I also use this concoction over the entire body (great for when the cold months come). It feels wonderful and I’m loving ever second of naturality.  This November I will be celebrating my 4 year Napaversary and I’m so excited. Maybe I will do something exciting for the SC readers…..guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support!  The orAKAle has spoken…..


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Last Braid Out for Summer 2010

As some of you may know, I have decided to go see my natural hair stylist in the STL, and get a glamorous sew in for the summer.  This is not uncommon for me (to get a protective style for the summer months), but usually I am getting braids versus this options (for those who may be new to SC and black hair terms, a “sew in” is usually in reference to a weave or extensions in ones hair).

To send off my lovely coils with a BANG before getting sewed up, I decided to do one last braid out…for old time sake. I know your probably thinking “why is she talking like she is never going to see her natural hair again”….BECAUSE it will be gone for about 3 months and I will miss my coils……(don’t judge me). Lol.  Below are the results…..enjoy….


this is my hair literally after a cleansing...look at those coils POP!

Decided that since I am going to be “weaved up” for a few months, it would be good to do a ACV rinse and a hot oil treatment to add some protect the hair (while braided and covered).  I let the oil sit on the hair for about 30 minutes….(entirely to long in my opinion..but I got lost in a and then proceeded to detangling with my new found love the Denman Brush and began braiding the hair.  Hair tools needed: rubber duckbill clips (2), hair clamps and a wide tooth comb (as well as my denman)….oh and a towel 🙂

I used my current go to product, AfroVeda’s She Alma Hair Butter(I promise a product review is coming soon); applying the cream from root to end.  Below are those results and the current length of my hair:


top/side view (one of these days I will get a good back view for you all)


JESUS...the suitcases under the eyes....

For those who REALLY follow SC, you will notice first the length of my braids and how quickly my hair is growing. Also, you will see NO FUZZY ENDS!  I made a point to concentrate on the ends of the braids with my hair butter, but also with my braiding technique. No hair went unturned this time.  Lol.   As usually I sealed with shea butter and I made the braids medium sized, versus the usual smaller sized ones (since I was taking them down in the morning).

I literally did this while watching some RedBox movies.  It took longer than it should, but since I was watching a movie…I didn’t care.  For bed time, I pushed the front two braids off to the side and put on my satin cap. In the morning, I got up and unbraided the hair with dry hands……went back to getting dressed for work and then used my AfroVeda Totally Twisted Hair Cream to separate and style.  The verdict is in all:


you know I like to lean wit it!


this pic right here really showed me how thick and healthy my hair is


and now I'm ready for work...

Well all, while I will miss piddling in my hair, I am happy to take a break and wear a different look for a few weeks.  I will be posting the results of my sew in once I get it.  NOW, since I am taking a break, I need YOU the SC family to submit your “naturally innovative” styles and product selections for the group… on the “contact me” button on the top right to participate.  Until next time…..

The orAKAle has spoken!

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Braid Out (pt 2)….this is the remix

Hello all,
As you read earlier this week in my Wet Braid Out post, I had quite a time with styling the hair that day. While my hair did not turn out the way I would have liked, I was able to salvage the frizzy wreckage. Lol.  Well…..luckily that was not the say all be all of how this week’s styling was going to be.  Below are some pics with directions on what I did to further matriculate the hair this week…even after the fizzy fiasco on Monday. Lol. Tell me what you think:

Side view

back view

On Monday night, I used my water bottle concoction and misted the hair, finger separated into parts, applied the Afroveda Shea Alma hair butter and braided from the root to the end.  Put my satin cap on and went to bed….hopefuly for holy grail hair in the morning. Lol.  When I awoke, I lightly misted the hair and separated the braids (as you can see above).  Let it air dry while I finish getting ready for work (see pics above).

Remember, the key to great results from your braid and twist outs are the TIME you put into  the actual twists/braids……..application from root to tip AND sealing the ends….remember the orAKAle told you that…lol.  So below were the results Tuesday morning after getting dressed:

front view

side view (still a little fuzzines going on)

Cute aint it…. I basically took every part (of the braids) and separated into two pieces. I put very little of the hair butter from root to end as I separated. To be honest, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would….

So to prepare for bed, I grabbed the hair in parts, applied some Afroveda shea alma hair butter, put on the satin cap and went to bed.  My hair literally looked just like the above pics for the next two days.

On Wednesday night, I just went to bed with a satin scarf and did no matriculation prior.  I know, I know…what was I thinking you may ask……but I was tired and lazy to be honest with you family.  Any who, so the next day I got up, took a shower (with the hair in its mashed state…cause that is what happens to at least my hair when loose AND under a cap), let air dry for like 30 minutes, misted with my spray bottle and added some Afroveda Totally Twisted hair cream from root to the ends.  Boy did my coils pop……see results below:

pulled back for front view

pull back from side view

I must admit, I look kinda cute on these pics.  Man those coils are having a ball up there. Lol.  So this brings us to my last day of the alleged bad hair week…. again….. I went to bed  with the hair out AGAIN, but pulled slightly up this time.  Said forget the satin cap….lets be DARING. Lol.  So I got up this morning and decided to experiment. Below are the results:

please excuse the "not so fab" skin....I am still

So the “innovative” part of this style for me is the height of the puff AND the braid in the back.  Considering when I do puffs, I usually don’t put it as high (as in the pics) for my hair is layered and has like 500 different lengths…..but look how fluffy and full it looks.  How did I get this look:  I refreshed with my water bottle concotion, applied AfroVeda Totally Twisted hair cream (to get those coils to pop), used a knee high to pull the hair up in puff (secured). As for the braid, that was literally hair that was hanging out…lol….so I applied the hair cream, brushed with the Denman and then twisted from root to ends.  Lastly, I tied the hair down with a satin scarf while I continued to get ready for work.  Upon leaving the house I removed the scarf….pretty nice huh…..

Purpose of this post – don’t ever count your hair out…just when you think that its done for the day/week, it can surprise you.  My hair (like everyone) has a mind of its own…so I believe in not argueing with it.  BUT I am glad that I daily give it a little TLC so it can come through for me in times of needs (like this whole week).
the orAKAle has spoken……..

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PR: Karen’s Body Beautiful

SC Reader Kapi08 writes:

I see you mention Karen’s Body Beautiful (KBB) a lot as “hot pick” product to try/use.  What items specifically from that product line do you suggest and/or use in your regimen.

Thanks for the email Kapi08, AND for keeping me on my toes.  I’ve been promising to do a product review on KBB for awhile and your QCC has now pushed me to do so.

Please note, I site Ms. Karen’s products regularly in my post, but I’ve never spoke to why I love her products and what my favorite picks are. Well ask and you shall receive family…Lol. Below is a list of KBB products that I am very familiar with AND my suggestions on usage:

Conditioning Shampoo

Ingredients: Purified Water, Saponified Coconut & Safflower Oils, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Nettle, Horsetail, Panthenol, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils

Product description: Designed for dry or chemically treated hair, Karen’s nourishing Conditioning Shampoo cleans and moisturizes your tresses without stripping them.   Best used on thick, curly, coily, kinky textures.

orAKAle’s thoughts: If I had to name one shampoo product to use on natural hair, this would be it!  I am a fan of “poo alternatives” now, but if I use a formal shampoo product KBB’s conditioning shampoo is the lick!  Not only does she offer many fragrances that smell divine, it leaves the hair soft and clean, without stripping your natural oils.  I would wash with this product no more than once a week prior to conducting my weekly deep conditioning, etc.

Deep Conditioner

Ingredients: Purified Water, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Wax, Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Nettle, Horsetail, Panthenol, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils & Natural Enzymes

Product description: provides protection to thirsty, brittle prone hair with panthenol that seals the hair follicle. Best used on thick curly, coily, kinky textures.

orAKAle’s thoughts: I absolutely love this stuff.  Not only does it not leave a residue on the hair, it provides great slip for detangling.  As you can see, this conditioner is loaded with all the good stuff needed for the hair.  Personally, this product is perfect for type 4 hair; for it provides the necessary ingredients to soften and moisturize WITHOUT weighing down the hair.  This conditioner is also the product I use to get my hair back in order after taking down some braids (and yall know how the hair be looking after that…lol).  I always keep a bottle of this on deck!!

Hair Milk

Ingredients: Purified Water, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, Vegetable Wax, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Arnica and Calendula Flowers, Echinacea, Nettle and Horsetail Extracts, Vegetable Glycerin, Wheat Germ Oil, Fragrance Oil and Natural Enzymes

Product description: moisturizes the detangles, defrizzes and defines your curls.  Apply a generous amount to hair when damp.  Also can be used on dry hair to refresh and moisturize.  Can be used several times a week or daily.

orAKAle’s thoughts: Again another favorite product from KBB.  I keep a bottle of this on DECK as well.  This is my go to product when I need some moister (and some dampness) to style and go.  Remember, this product is a liquid (versus the butters/creams) so it will cause some shrinkage when applying to the hair (especially type 4).  But unlike other hair milk products, it will not add unnecessary oils.  I use this in the evenings when I am retwisting or braiding the hair….to style in the morning.  I also apply this to the hair if I want to comb threw my coils, with out rewetting to style. Since it causes shrinkage, I don’t usually use this product in the morning (for I am trying to stretch the hair).  This plays nicely with just about any shampoo or conditioner that you use.  A must have in your collection.

Hair Cream

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils, Vitamin E & Carrot Seed Oil

Product description: Enriched with ingredients that stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair shaft, Karen’s Hair Cream, moisturizes and adds sheen to dull, dry hair.  Excellent for natural, relaxed or pressed hair.  Use twice a week on hair and scalp or more as needed (works best on dry hair).

orAKAle’s thoughts: I first have to agree with Karen…this product works AWESOMELY on dry hair.  It provides some slip (for styling, twisting, braiding, etc) and it moisturizes WITHOUT weighing the hair down.  A little goes a long way so make sure to avoid plopping a glob of cream on the hair.  I also suggest you apply this cream from the root to the ends for best results!

For more ways on how I use the above products click the below links to past posts on descriptions and pictures of my hair.

QOTW: General Upkeep of Type 4 Hair

Dry Twist Set

Dry Braid Out (holy grail hair)

All of her liquid products come in 8 and 16 ounces, and you have the option of ordering “sample packs” to try out the line.  I highly suggest you do this….I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on Karen’s Body Beautiful and her product line, please visit her website for detail descriptions and suggestions on usage.

The orAKAle has spoken……..

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Product Review: Denman Brush (D3)

...I love you yes I do

I finally did it family….I broke down and bought the infamous Denman Brush from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  A little back story, I’ve been debating if I should purchase this brush.  I already knew the site to purchase from AND the great things that this majic brush allegedly could do (via my naturalista gurus)….but still I was a skeptic.  WELL I am happy to report that I finally broke down and got one this weekend family. Above is the picture of my beautiful brush :).

I used this brush to delangle after my regualr weekly cleanse, deep treatment and leave in.  I must stay that this brush made that process (which is always a chore) easy as pie!  When applying my hair milk (leave in), this brush ran smoothly and quickly through my coils; leaving my hair soft and ready for styling!  Not only did I see minimal hair in the brush (from weekly shedding), my hair was REALLY manageable and soft.

I know many of you already have this brush in your collection.  What has your experience been with using this styling tool?  For those of you who haven’t heard/used this brush, you should really consider it!  This brush is good for ALL types of natural hair family, so consider this a great investment to add to your hair closet. Lol.

The orAKAle has spoken…….


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Dry Braid Out (holy grail hair)

As you all know, I use to profess in not believing this thing called “holy grail hair” (when your hair does what you DREAM…lol).  Well, last week I had yet another day when my hair was acting oh so right.  Family, I thought I was so cute….I couldn’t half sleep at night. Lol….to much I know.  Regimen used is below:

+ Used Dr. Bronner’s Majic Liquid Soap (cleansing)
+ ACV rinsed (apply ½ cup of ACV and ½ cup of water to hair and let sit for 3 minutes)
+ Applied KBB’s deep conditioner
+ Detangled in sections, twisted and pinned in Bantu knots
+ Put a plastic cap on the head and sat under the dryer (for 30 minutes)
+ Rinsed out conditioner, while leaving hair in sections
Leave In/Style:
+ Applied a leave in conditioner an let hair dry for bit (about 45 minutes)
+ Blow dried hair in sections until entire head was semi dry
+ Parted hair into big sections with Jamaica and Mango Lime crème wax

Soooo……I went to sleep on the above, while wrapped in a satan cap. Slept normally (all over the place) and the below is what I had when I awoke the next morning….

(aint I a cutie....)

TELL ME MY HAIR AINT FLY!!! Lol.  See….holy grail hair!  I was totally feeling myself all week, and the folks at work were full of comments. Lol.  Notice the body, the softness and even though you can’t really see it, my hair was shiny.  The only downfall is that this took longer than I wanted it to.  While I am still in “practice mode”, you still will need time to blow out your coils AND braid…but its so worth it family…What do you all think…should I do this again?

the orAKAle has spoken……

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