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Product Review: Tangle Teaser (the REAL thing)


Happy Summer All! Yes its been a while since I”ve posted (such a long story), but I did want to at least show the masses my natural kinks and coils at its current length and most natural state.

Also, for those who are true SC followers, I mostly used (and reviewed) the Denman Brush for detangling and hair definition…well dears I have stepped out of my almost 6 year comfort zone.  Lol. I purchased the ever so popular tangle teaser ($10 at Sally’s Beauty Supply) and went to town with it.  In the past I’ve used generic/knock off brushes that basically did the same thing…or so I thought. Lol   Since all I knew was the knock off version and the brush, how could I really speak on this hair crazed product, that naturals STILL rave about years later, without actually using it…


side view, just finished co-washing

When I tell ya’ll that this tool helped me get my entire hair life back….I mean my ENTIRE hair life!  I will never use another detangling tool for cleansing or deep treatment as long as I am wearing my natural hair.  With my Type 4B/C hair (and a little 3c in the lower back), I only had to make maybe 2 passes with each section.  Ya’ll it was like literally combing my hair back in the day (when relaxed).  


back of the head…well as best as I could…shot. Notice curl definition while wet. (ignore all the randoms in my room lol)

Another great point to make is that this comb is also very easy to clean. Just pass it under the water and remove all random strands with your fingers.  This comb also dryers pretty quickly after use. I suggest after removing the hair and thoroughly rinsing, lay bristle down on a paper towel or soft towel to drip/air dry all excess water. 

If there is any product that speaks true to its claim, and that can be used on ALL TYPES of hair, its this comb!  I’ve been using this tool since May and I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. Below is a pic of me wearing a wash and go style:

WetTwistOut_pinkflower copy

SC vets know I usually do some sort of stretched technique before wearing my fro…well not anymore 🙂

No stretching and no over application of a defriz/defining product.  I thank my co washing/leave in products (stay tuned for a product review) and the tangle teaser for that.  All that was needed was a little natural make up, a stylish hair flower and I was ready for work! The orAKAle has spoken….


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It’s finally here!  Yes the infamous “new blog site” I kept referring to is finally up and alive.  Please change your links to

As a way to continue to expand the blog topics and information that I provide my lovely Silky Chronicles (SC) family, I am introducing a list of new series to the blog. Off line, I get a lot of questions from new and experienced naturals, along with those trying to change their living habits (health and spiritually) to a healthier lifestyle. Due to these questions, I’ve decided to create a series of blogging topics that hopefully will help the SC family and encourage you!

My goal is to hopefully foster a more open dialogue about some of the questions, concerns and new discoveries of the SC family. The series vary as you can see (below), and my hope is to cover many topics that relate to us in our everyday lives. Some may be specific to natural hair care, others may be on decision that may change our life all together! I’m looking to YOU the SC family to assist in making these series helpful, enjoyable and also fun!

Below is the list of the new series that will be implemented.  If interested in submitting an entry and being featured/spotlighted, please click the “contact me” page to find out how:

~ Question of the Week (QOTW) – My goal is to hopefully have an open dialogue about some of the questions and concerns that we all have as we continue to grow and develop in life.

~ Naturally Innovative – naturals (males and females) who have developed new creative ideas on how to style natural hair. This includes everyday AND professional looks.

~ Natural Connection – Since I am a travel (domestic and world), I would love to meet up with the followers of the SC. We can share tips, put screen names with faces (lol), and bass in our naturalness! Information for the first event coming soon!

~ Product Picks – this series will consist of products I’ve tried and will review for the readers. The goal is to help give you more options when seeking the right hair products for you.

~ Spiritual Food – the orAKALe always has to help the SC family grow spiritually. I hope to post as many encouraging thoughts and scripture to help you throughout your day, week, etc to help improve the overall person of my blog family.

~ Nutrition and Fitness Tips – Those who know me personally are aware that I am a semi health nut! While I plan to contribute in these areas, I am looking for a few SC member to submit weekly (or bi-weekly if you choose) nutrition/fitness tips to aid the family in living a more healthier life.

~ Guest posting – as always, I am looking for any and all who want to contribute to the SC. If you have something to say (that is positive and relates to the purpose of the blog), but all means let me hear from you!

As you can see, great and exciting things are coming family. If you would like to contribute to any of the series, email me at……..the orAKAle has spoken…

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